The origin of Falafel

Falafel is made from fava beans or chickpeas or a combination of the two. The Egyptian variety uses fava beans, while the use of chickpeas is predominant in other Middle Eastern countries. The word is derived from the Arabic word for nourishment. The beans are not cooked prior to use. Instead they are soaked with baking soda, then ground together with various ingredients including onion, parsley, sesame seeds, and spices such as cumin and coriander. The mixture is shaped into balls or patties. The mixture is then deep fried.

Falafel has always been a mainstay on the menu in the Mediterranean, but it also made its way onto the menu in many other countries’ restaurants as well.  Falafel grew to become a common form of  or FAST FOOD in the MIDDLE EAST. Falafel became so popular that McDonald’s for a time served a “McFalafel” in some countries.

Falafel at Holyland

Falafel Combo Sandwich