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At Holy Land, we treat our customers like family.

Holy land is dedicated to provide authentic Lebanese, Arabic, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean products design to satisfy the diverse American plate.
Here at Holy Land Brand’s grocery we have an extensive selection of imported gourmet groceries which includes variety of olive oils, olives, cheese’s, such as French feta, Bulgarian feta Egyptian feta, Nabulisi etc, spice, dates, beverages and sweet delicacies. We also carry on of the largest selection of imported olives such as Kalamata, Greek, Jordanian, Moroccan and many more. Not to mention our very own Holy Land Hummus. Also you will find fresh produce and fresh Halal Zabiha meats & poultry which are 100% naturally grain fed and farm raised with NO ADDED HORMONES, NO STEROIDS AND NO PRESERVATIVES. All our Halal zabiha meat & poultry are humanely hand slaughtered and are raised, processed, packed & distributed under the strict guidelines of Islamic dietary laws.
We are committed to providing our consumers with top quality service, superior products at affordable prices.


See what brought Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives to Holyland Bakery in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he made award winning healthy cuisine Arabic Shawarma, Falafel, and Hummus with Majdi Wadi. Holyland uses no preservatives, no MSG, and no GMO’s.