The Holy Land Charitable Fund will provide grants to Minnesota 501c3 nonprofit organizations, or their eligible fiscal sponsors in support of annual operations or specific projects. Priority funding criteria include organizations with a focus on supporting BIPOC communities, those bringing awareness to and fighting for racial justice, and organizations actively working for systemic change. We will also support organizations addressing affordable housing, food insecurity, and job creation initiatives and training.   

We have donated $110,000 and there is approximately $100,000 available for distribution at this time. We envision an average grant award of $5,000 – $10,000 per organization. Public/private donations to The Holy Land Charitable Fund are welcomed by visiting the Minneapolis Foundation website using the button below.

Please Donate

For information on how to apply or questions, please contact Paul Odegaard, Philanthropic Advisor for the Holy Land Charitable Fund at the Minneapolis Foundation. [email protected] or 612-672-3830.



  1. Organization name
  2. Employer Identification Number
  3. Organization address, website, and phone number
  4. Organization background (year established, mission/vision statement, primary goals/services)
  5. Head of organization name, title, email, and phone number
  6. Are you using a fiscal agent? (If yes, we’ll need fiscal agent details.)
  7. Contact information for person filling out the application
  8. Has your organization received a grant from The Minneapolis Foundation in the last year? (If yes, we’ll need to know which grant program and how much you received.)
  9. Is this a collaborative effort? (If yes, we’ll need a list of your collaborative’s members and contact information.)
  10. Amount of Request (numeric)
  11. Length of time for funding (enter months)


In a few sentences, briefly describe how you anticipate using this grant from the Holy Land Charitable Fund? How will these funds allow you to fulfill your mission and the needs of the populations you serve?

What is your organization’s greatest unmet potential or opportunity?

Does your mission or special project align with our funding criteria?

What are your organization’s projected expenses for this calendar year (estimates are okay)? If possible, please upload/attach your organization’s current annual budget. If you’re not submitting a request for general operating funds, we will also need a project budget.



  • Collaborative requests are welcome.
  • Grantees will be required to submit a brief narrative report and itemized budget at the conclusion of the grant.
  • Grant decisions will be announced on a rolling basis.