Below is a selection of the many kind messages we receive from our customers almost daily.

Wonderful flavor, and fresh greens ๐Ÿ™‚ My family ventured 30min to try this place. We ordered Kabob combo w/ hummus (8.5/10)Ckn and veggie were delicious. The lamb kabobs were a little dry, however the onions and hummus were delicious ๐Ÿ™‚ Beef kabobs w/ rice (7/10) Little dry, but strong flavor. Dolmades and hummus (9.5/10)Incredibly fresh and crispy grape leafs. The creamy hummus and pita bread was perfect for eating with the pickled grape leafs. Highly recommend for health conscience and ethnic foodies ๐Ÿ™‚ i hope to return.
We had read rave reviews about this restaurant and we are always in search of a great ethnic restaurant. The reviews were absolutely true. We ordered gyros and it was enough for 2-3 people. The meat was delicious and the hummus was the best. I ordered a Greek salad and it was great as well. There is a large parking lot next to the restaurant. Look at the menu and then go to the counter and order. We bought some hummus and baklava in the adjoining bakery and grocery store. I would highly recommend the baklava. It was interesting to see the difference spices, coffee, cheese, hummus and meats in the grocery store.
All the people were very friendly and helpful. We will be back that is for sure!!.
restaurant customer
Dear Majdi Wadi,

Thank you for your message and thanks to Holy Land for an incredible catering service job! Everyone was delighted with the food! Holy Land is the best catering service in the Twin Cities, hands down. Thank you!!

Thank you so much for the wonderful lunch arrangement for the party .
All the guests and us really appreciated the spread , the quality of food and the service .
So many of our guests inquired re the food , esp the new items ( eggplant salad , noodles) and didn’t believe it was from holy land .
Please thank Leann and Noor for visiting with us and we certainly missed you.
Catering Customer
Best place to eat…, best prices with great flavors!
Big Shout Out to Holy Land! It’s a great place to get a delicious middle eastern meal. Order their falafel, it’s crispy, tasty, and amazing! I’ve had lunch here many times, but they came through in a five-star way for an event I had them cater for me. I hosted a groom’s dinner in Stillwater. With less than two weeks’ notice, Holy Land provided flawless service, delicious food, and reasonable, timely delivery. Mediterranean food was a good choice for guests who grew up on meat and potatoes ‘cuz it doesn’t feature anything too weird (no hot peppers, no slimy textures, no chicken feet.) Maria at the restaurant helped me get the right quantities. The delivery driver got stuck in Stillwater’s infamous bridge traffic but called twice to give me progress updates, so I wasn’t left wringing my hands wondering if the food was on its way.They provided everything in covered foil trays. The gyros was still hot after its long trip from Minneapolis. My guests raved about how tasty everything was: lamb/beef gyros, chicken gyros, falafel, Greek salad, tabbouli, hummus, baba ganoush, grape leaves, and baklava. They had pierced the cover of the falafel to keep it crisp, but that wasn’t enough. Reheating it, uncovered, in the oven restored it almost to its former glory. We had fewer guests than I’d anticipated, and everyone was more than willing to take leftovers.
Catering Customer, Grooms DInner
I’ve tried many middle eastern restaurants, but this one is the best. Food was great. Portions were huge. It’s out of the way for us, but totally worth it! The bakery is awesome too!
Deli Customer
Just taking about the restaurant/deli, I’ve always loved the Chef Special Kabobs.!! Meat is not dry, marinated to the right spice level and the quantity is very generous.! Kabob combos come with either Humus or rice. A side of bread,salad and a sauce of your choice.
I love Holyland. My favorite sandwiches are : Philly chicken and Iranian Kabab. People who are working there are very sympathetic and friendly. The grocery store is one of the best place where you can find anything you looking for, everything Halal and the price is reasonable.
I’ve been coming to Holy Land for about 8 years now. Although, since I’ve moved on the other side of town, I can’t make it here much anymore. They have an outstanding deli that is attached to their grocery market. Their grocery market features many authentic Arab foods; in addition, they make their own hummus, pita bread, spices and other things. About a year ago, they expanded their deli with plenty of seating and a take out option. They also serve meals for Ramadan. Their prices are very reasonable and the atmosphere is welcoming for all. But don’t trust my word.. Go there yourself and check it out. You won’t leave disappointed.
I love so many things. Falafel, gyro salad, hummus, even the cheese burger is pretty decent. Get the Leanne sauce. I like to dip fries in it. Yea, the fries are pretty delicious. I just ate some in fact. I’m sad they are gone. I don’t think it’s okay to suggest this place isn’t worthy of their accolades. I mean, people are entitled to their opinion but, I just really question the logic in such a claim. This family went from being a tiny little neighborhood store to selling their trademarked Holy Land Brand stuff in other people’s tiny little neighborhood stores. Sure, are other places that serve food like this. They are good too (I’m a big fan of a spot in Richfield near my old neighborhood),BUT… there’s only one Holy land (well, two, since they opened up at Global Market, which I love because I work nearby). This family worked hard and has been providing Minneapolis with things constantly delicious (and halal) for nearly 30 years.
A.S., Deli Customer
I came here with colleagues and the restaurant created a nice buffet in a separate room for our group. The food was fresh and delicious! Multiple staff members checked in on us regularly to make sure we had what we needed and promptly found ways to make our large group feel right at home. I’ll definitely be going back!
E.L., Catering Customer

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