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Holy Land Brand Inc is committed to providing its customers with quality products and services that continually meet and exceed the expectation of our customers. We achieve consumer satisfaction by constantly improving Food Safety, Product Design and Quality programs for our Hummus Factory. We use a team approach in each of these areas because we believe it is the foundation on which we can build lasting success.

We are also committed to ensuring the safety and quality of our Hummus Factory products by maintaining precautionary measures to ensure production quality. The management team at Holy Land Brand Inc fully supports the developing, implementing and maintaining an effective HACCP system. We here at Holy Land are committed to allocating time and resources required to ensure the success of development, implementation and maitenance of our quality assurance and HACCP program for our Hummus Factory.

To carry our product please call our Sales department at 612-781-2627 x 101


See Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives make Falafel, Hummus and Arabic Shawarma with Majdi Wadi during his visit to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Holyland Bakery uses no GMO’s, no preservatives, and no added antibiotics in our Award Winning Healthy Cuisine.